Kinect Multipoint

The Kinect needs to be used for more than just gaming, right? I have started a project that allows people to use the multi-point SDK with the Kinect SDK and Mouse Mischief. This project entails making the Kinect SDK work with the multi-point mouse SDK and Mouse Mischief and other multi-mouse applications. Even though it seems like a reproduction of Kinect Mouse ( it is not since Kinect mouse cannot work with multiple users at a time. The C++ code, when used correctly, yields a fast and light-weight work environment for the simulator. In addition, the simulator code can be changed to work with any device. This project is designed for the Microsoft Kinect for Windows SDK v1 and higher, multi-point SDK, and Mouse Mischief PowerPoint for Windows add-on. If you wish to help please download the prerequisites listed in the previous sentence.

Current problems that need to be resolved

1. Identifying users with current code(updated to final stages) – this code section is in the Kinect MultiPoint v0.95 from downloads link (mostly finished).

2. Need help with the dsf mouse wrapper library C++ version code subroutine sendinputreport. I think the safearray might have been declared wrong but someone can feel free to identify potentially fatal C++ code. In addition, anyone that has the time feel free to remove unnecessary headers and code to make the download smaller and re-upload it in the patch section unless you I have added you as a programmer.

3. Need some help refining the c++ simulator code to properly remove and add up to 20-30 fake mouse devices (Getting close now).

4. Look for an error in the Kinect Multipoint code and fix it as necessary.


Still working on the Kinect and #3 above still needs some work but is close. I am having problems with #2 above and if everyone who is a developer can work on it, I can work on releasing a setup program with everything in it.


Still working on other projects and getting my act together for college. Please do not get light-hearted though! I always attempt my best and try to finish projects and will give up at the last moment. As always someone can jump in and help. Note:  I will not add anyone to any future projects if they do not help or at least affirm or state they are in the process of helping.


I will be working on this project again here soon and finish the emulator and transition back to Kinect code. If I finish the emulator code I will put out an installer for people to use in their personal projects.


I still need help with the problem mentioned in the last update which has been the biggest problem preventing me from releasing refined source code. This project is still ACTIVE! I had a problem last week with my computer and have not put updates in the discussion board for this project since then. Please help out with the or c++ dll projects anyone who is on the team for this project. Note: need my custom softhidreceiver.dll for project only because it should already have the other *.dll files in the source zip file. In addition, the c++ project only supports 64-bit. Include the 32-bit *.tlb and *.lib files in the 32-bit build properties to have it compile for both.

Important Notes:

             I. This project is for an educational/non-profit  setting and full source must be disclosed. This includes contracting scenarios not related to educational usage or testing of programming for a future device driver. This is Microsoft's terms on the license for DSF if you wish to know more please ask them permission or about the legal restrictions on the usage of DSF. The Kinect portion can be used for commercial purposes but the vbscript code is limited to non-commercial usage only.

     II. Have received permission to use the Kinect mouse code in my codeplex project from the owner. However, I have modified it so much that it barely resembles the code in that project anymore.

 Donate here or future projects anything whether from $1 to anything you want it to be:

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Donation helps me to invest time into new equipment, API’s, books, buy food, and will encourage development of new project’s.

The emulator code is DSF(device simulation framework) from the Microsoft DDK(driver development kit) so you need to ask permission before including inside a commercial project. In addition, I recommend if you do get permission that you donate a fair something above if it involves any modification of the code in this project.

Remember to visit this site for updates and download the newest one. With community involvement, I can invest time into a possible emulator low level driver to keep from having to use the vbscript and DSF entirely (requires device driver experts to invest the time).

I am thinking about updating the emulator to also do 's smartboard for educational and government entities that use this board but will come out with a full stable release for mouse emulator first with an installer. Update:  I can not program details for smarttech because I no longer have a job at Garrard County Schools Board of Education as an IT.

 I love xna and kinect projects so if someone needs help on one please email me.


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