New version coming soon!

Topics: Announcements
Mar 28, 2013 at 4:58 PM
I will be coming up with version 0.9 of kinect multipoint here soon. Please check back every so often to see any added improvements I have. Tell me what you think of the following optional improvements for inclusion later in the project:
  1. Multiple kinect support (6 people per kinect * number of kinects plugged in)
  2. Voice support to exit the kinect application or stop/pause the recogition of users by the kinect
  3. settings page (might add to main project later but for now its optional)
The improvements as of today are mostly vbscript and are listed on the documentation page. Later, I will add a button to stop/pause kinect movement and a settings page to set certain options (post your thoughts on them below).

I will also by years end be working on getting the program to work with smart notebook for teachers who cannot fit a smart board in their classroom. In addition, the code can be copied from the newer versions to the latest version of the visual studio 2010 solution because it is completely backwards compatible.