Posted a full source with both kinect and emulator code together!

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Mar 21, 2012 at 6:28 PM

I have posted kinect and emulator code together but just commented out the emulator code because im still working on some pause statements in it. But you need to do these things to use it with multipoint right now (mouse mischief powerpoint add-on is in the works and i will release an offical setup and executable for it later.):

1. make one sub that creates the mouse devices thats namde after the same sub called createmousedevices in the html file test.html's vbscript section.

2. make another sub two-three lines above the queqeinput section of vbscript code in the html file test.html called sendmousepositiondata so that the program can send mouse position data (x,y coordinates) to the emulated mouse device.

3. Check the kinect code for errors and refine it as necessary but most of the hard work has been done already!

If you want you can change the report descriptors for your own emulator project to emulate a device but the drivers must be installed for it to work correctly and it must be a usb device because the emulator code uses an hid usb mouse to emulate. Also, remember to be nice and if you use it in your project to donate please or at least click on some ads for me so I use the money for future projects that are useful too.