working on the project code!

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Nov 5, 2013 at 7:31 PM
Fellow followers do not worry about Kinect multipoint 0.95 disappearing! Anyone who has already joined as a developer can still see it. It is hidden while I make changes to the code and to the emulator dll. I will roll the whole package up into an setup exe file after I finish for those just interested in using it only with multipoint or mouse mischief.
Note: you can later manipulate the emulator dll to get it working with whatever device you wish but I am having a problem still with the c++ and helper code. I have successfully reinstalled c++ emulator dll but I think their is something wrong with the helper code (emulator dll). Please member developers take a look at the emulator code. I tried creating a safearray of variants but any developers on the kinectmultipoint project wishing to help try to figure out how to get the safe array of variants to work.